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"I wanna, I wanna love you right!  I wanna, I wanna..."

Euphoria set the standard for Australian dance music in the early 1990's, paving the way for acts such as Madison Avenue, Origene and Disco Montego, with their hit singles Love You Right, One In A Million, Do For You and their smash hit album Total Euphoria.

The group was formed in 1991 by songwriter Andrew Klippel who had spent much of the previous year trekking from record company to record company in an attempt to convince them he could lay down a tune.

Euphoria's songs featured heavily in the TV show E Street and were a massive success on dance floors in Australia and around the world, scaling the Australian Top 40 as if there were no competition.  The introduction of the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Dance Chart is widely attributed to Euphoria's ability to chart outside the normal bounds of highly-publicised-pop.

Euphoria's original line-up included writer, keyboardist and vocalist Andrew Klippel who was joined by the stunning vocals of Keren Minshull and the eye-candy of Holly Garnett (who's vocals complemented Keren's ideally).  Holly's eventual departure from the group mid-1992 led to her replacement with Jodie Meares...

I Will Never Leave You was released in February 1993 to mediocre success but the group's demise came about in July 1993 when Elated barely scraped into the ARIA Top 40 before dropping out almost immediately, leaving us with no explanation as to what went wrong.

Since Euphoria, Andrew Klippel has gone on to become solo artist, writer and eventually an influential producer within the music industry.  Keren Minshull has continued to supply vocals to a variety of projects in conjunction with co-writing.  Holly Garnett seems to have disappeared into obscurity whilst Jodie Meares became Jodhi Packer and has had continued success with modeling and launching her own swimwear range.